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Fire Safety Certificate (Technical regulation)

The fire safety certificate is a document attesting the conformity of a product to the Russian law concerning fire safety. The legal act of reference is identified by the Federal Law No. 123 of 22.06.2008, which introduced the «Technical Regulations on Fire Safety, entered into force on 01/05/2010.
The certification is scheduled for imported products, both those produced locally and is a precondition for obtaining a «mandatory GOST» or the «Declaration of Conformity», when provided.
The fire certificate may be mandatory or voluntary, and shall be made by certification bodies accredited certification system in the fire.

Products subject to mandatory fire certification

The categories for which certification is sought are listed in the mandatory resolution of the Russian Government No. 241 of 17/03/2009, entered into force on 01/05/2010.

1) Means for fire safety
2) electrical devices and electrical appliances
Equipment and materials used in construction, decoration , intended to evacuate the outside or to a safe area , as well as for finishing rolling stock and rail transport transport used in underground
4) ventilation systems and fume extraction valves, fire safety, electrical
5) heat producing equipment

Required Documentation

1) product HS code
2) product data sheet
3) catalog, flyers, brochure
4) samples of the product (1 for each group representative)
5) questionnaire
6) power of attorney letter

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